Introducing Marathon Farm

Preliminary Design For Marathon Farm

On January 4th, Philadelphia’s Department of Public Property gave us word that they were awarding us a 15,750 square foot property in Brewerytown, for 2 years and if our project is successful they will give us a long term lease for the land. This is extremely exciting news for us. Because of this great news we hope to begin building the infrastructure as soon as the snow   melts and we can test the soil.

Future Site of Marathon Farm on 27th and Master Streets

The property is nestled on the Corner of 27th and Master Streets in Brewerytown, Philadelphia. The property has a very interesting shape making for a unique and exciting design. Also it has a slope on the two street sides which will allow us to create a terraced forest garden complete with fruit trees and berries. It is directly across the street from the Athletic Recreation Center and is within a 2 block walk of three public schools.

In order for us to move on from this crucial point, we need to raise money. Our goal is to raise at least $20,000 by March 1st to finance the building of all our infrastructure and purchase lumber, soil, greenhouse materials, irrigation system and seeds. If you would like to donate to Marathon Farm, we will be putting a PayPal link on our blog shortly. You can go to PayPal and make an online donation and your donation will be tax deductible because we are a non-profit.

Thank you for all your support and can’t wait to see you out at the farm!



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2 responses to “Introducing Marathon Farm

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  2. Jason Foster


    I just saw your project on kickstarter and it looks like a great project. I wish you the best. I’m far away (Buenos Aires right now, and soon to be moving back to my hometown of Birmingham, AL), but I would love to be involved in something like this and will be on the lookout for it in my local community. In any case, you have a great concept here and I want to congratulate you on your plans, may they come to fruition.

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