Marathon Farm is now a reality!

On Saturday March 12th, 30 volunteers came out to Marathon Farm. The lot was empty, filled with trash and lloking a little lonely. After about 8 hours of teamwork and the sounds of saws, drills and shovels our farm suddenly became a reality!









I could not believe how much was done by the end of the weekend on Sunday. Over the whole weekend, over 60 volunteers came out, we built 24 raised beds, built about 150 ft of bamboo fencing, cut down 6 40 ft tall weed trees, built a tool and potting shed and had a ton of fun.

By the next weekend, Saturday March 19th, even more volunteers came and basically finished Marathon Farm just in time for the Mayor’s press conference on this past Monday March 21st.











It was an unbelievably inspiring day! I have never seen so many people working together for a common goal, between 40 and 50 volunteers came on Saturday the 19th!!!! On the first day of spring, Monday March 21st, we held a big pres conference with Mayor Nutter at the farm, dedicating it kicking off our first year! He even helped us plant our first seeds! Check out our totally sustainable podium, made out of polonia tree cross sections cut down on site!!!!














The past few weeks have been an incredible experience for us at Marathon Farm.

We’d like to thank all of our neighbors and community member who have been so supportive and who have come out to lend a hand! We’d also like to thank the Mayor, Councilman Darryl Clark and State Representative Brownley for their support and coming out to help us kick-off this great project!

Come out and see for yourself!

Workday tomorrow, Saturday March 26th – 10-3


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  1. big kudos to you all! will spread the word of your efforts in my neck of the woods (still strangled in snow, in Maine).

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