doing unto others

As a gardener, I notice the care that I give my plants is reflected in their growth and vitality.

As a mother, I give my children the various forms of tending to that develops them as intelligent and sensitive individuals.

As a community and cultural worker,
I am compelled towards kind words that uplift a sense of perfection in how and who we are right now..
tempered with a knowledge that where we want to be (the people that we want to be) is possible.

In our everyday interactions with one another we can share the best things that we know about ourselves and others.

Trusting that the love we give, the compassion that we share will be returned, we can truly be as trusting, friendly and helpful as we like..
It will come back to us!

We learn and grow alongside our peers. We relate to and define who we are in relation to those peers as well as our elders and children.

Please treat them with care..
Give them love in your words and actions.
Encourage them.
This takes power away from their fears and doubts and gives light to their potential.

We all need light, water, air, nutrients and love to grow!



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