Mural Arts and Restorative Justice

We are extremely excited to announce  our new partnership with Mural Arts and their Restorative Justice Program.

We just started working with the Murals Arts Restorative Justice Program. We are working with 15 high risk yound adults ages 18-24 who are either on parole or probation. The participants in this program will  learn carpentry and other useful skills that will assist them in entering the local workforce and give them an oppurtunity to change their lives for the better.

We will be working with this group weekly over the next 3 to 6 months to construct a wash station, storage facilities, a chicken coop, and a structure for an outdoor kitchen where we will host cooking and nutrition classes for the community. I will also use it to prepare food for local youth to get them eating well prepared and delicious fresh produce at young age.

It a win win partnership where we receive help building  great new infrastructure that will aid the farm in continuing to serve to community in new ways. while providing invaluable training for youths which can help them have a brighter future.



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