Hurracaine Damage

Hey all,

Many small scale farmers around the region were pretty terrified about the potential destructive forces of hurracaine Irene, myself included. However, I can happilly say that the damaged at our farm was minimal. A few downed sunflowers and row cover all over the place making the farm look like a haunted house. But for the most part the crops were undamaged.

All of this rain, the wettest month in august on record, has not been kind to our peppers and tomatoes. The tomatoes have developed a fungus and as much as it hurts my soul I’m going to harvest the tomatoes, green and ripe alike, and pull out the plants. We have to cut our loses and use those 6 extra beds for fall production of greens and roots.

We did cancell the market last week and I’m sorry to all of those you came out despite the weather. We appreciate your enthusiasm and support. We will be out this saturday with the same great array of fresh, organic and North Philly grown produce. Also, I still harvested for the market and that all went to the restaurants so check out the daily specials at any of the marathon locations featuring produce from the farm.

I hope to see you all at the next market and remember to come to our speaker series starting September 13th at the Marathon Grill on 10th and Walnut. More details are listed below.

Farmer Adam


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