Meet Yona, Our Newest Farm Team Member

HI, my name is Yona Hudson and I am the newest member of the Marathon Farm team! I ive in the “Brewerytown” section of Philadelphia. Actually 2 blocks up of the farm! I am a junior at Walter Biddle Saul Highschool of Agricultural Sciences in the Roxborough area.I have a lot of urban agriculture history for someone my age, I volunteered at the CSA at the highschool (Henry Got Crops) during the fall and spring seasons and actually got a job at the CSA during the summer and learned so much and met so many awesome people. Then my sophmore year I volunteered again because I loved it so much. But during that year I saw the Marathon Farm beginning to grow and form. I asked for a position and got one! So now I work the markets every saturday from 10am-2pm as the Market/Stand Manager. Also, on July 27th-31st I attended the 13th annual RIC conference at the University of Penn and met so many youth urban farmers fighting the Food Justice fight.! That’s my agriculture history in a nutshell. If anyone has any questions for me I’ll be at the saturday markets with a smile on my face. 🙂

Come out to the market to buy some delicious, organic and fresh produce. Also hang out and talk to me and Yona. She is a great addition to the farm and extremely knowledgeable. She will give you great recipe ideas incorporating all of the farm produce.

Hope to see you all there,

Farmer Adam

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