Project Director

Cary Borish

215 282 1505

Farm Manager

Adam Hill

215 375 4101

Marathon Love Philadelphia

Director of Community Education

Charlyn Magdaline

(267) 912 9923

Green Specialist

Elissa Ruse

(518) 225 4762

4 responses to “Contact

  1. Jason Flax

    I am a server at marathon trained as an architect in college with an enormous interest in urban farming and how people interact with their enviornment. I would like to be more involved with this initiative as I believe more and more that this is a very important part of our community. I am glad to see this sort of progressive action.

  2. I think this would be a great thing to bring to Camden, NJ. Right over the river and there’s a great need there, and a lot of open space.

  3. Ray

    Hello My wife and I would like to learn more about you volunteering programs. We would like to get our family involve with the “going on” in the city. That we can be some good and give back to the community. Please let me know more details. fyi ( my kids ages 14,13,12,10,9) Thank you!


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