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13 responses to “Mailing List

  1. Megan Roberts

    Would like to join mailing list. Thanks!

  2. lolly lagreca

    Best Wishs for good weather.

  3. Nick Silverman

    Hi! I live in NYC and work on a few farms here but make frequent trips to Philly and would love to help out. Are there any volunteer opportunities for April 10? Please add me to your mailing list! I’ve been following Marathon’s story and am very excited for you.


  4. Hello Farmer Patrick: I was wondering if you will need able hands to help work the farm as time goes on. I would love to bring my kids to work the farm (and me as well) when time allows. Will you offer that opportunity as time goes on? Thanks in advance,
    Leah Troiano
    owner of

  5. Jon borish

    please add me

  6. Jay Gantz

    Please add me. Thx.

  7. Monica Sullivan

    Would liketo join your mailing list. Thanks

  8. Bryanne

    Hi! Do you have an email list serve that lets those interested view days/times so that we can stop by and check out the farm? If so, I would love to be on it. Thanks!

  9. Steve

    I’m on 28th Street and excited to have a farm stand so close. When does it operate?

  10. Chef Chiwishi

    Very excited about this movement toward a healthier more progressive lifestyle! I am a chef and culinaryarts teacher in the area I would love for my student’s to get involved! Looking forward to coordinating…. Thanks!

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